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You have reached the final step!  You will now upload your asset to the blockchain using the collection, schema, and template.  This process is called "Minting".

Before we get going on this final and most crucial step, there is something extremely important that I need to point out.  Something I should have mentioned before, but couldn't find a place.  This is the best place, I suppose...  Minting assets will cost money.  Not a lot of money.  But it is a cost.  You will need RAM.  RAM is just what it sounds like.  It is the memory used to hold your assets.  Anytime you mint or sell something, it will cost some RAM.  So you will need to have to RAM available to use.  

I didn't mention this before because Atomic Hub will actually give you enough RAM to start so that you can upload your first asset without having to invest a penny.  But depending on how many you wish to mint, or how many you are putting for sale, you may run out of that free allocation.  You will need to spend some WAX to purchase RAM.  There are lots of ways to purchase WAX.  And you may need to do that before going any further.

As a tip here...  Now that you have a WAX wallet, it is ready for use outside of creating and selling your own stuff.  There are tons of ways to obtain NFTs and WAX for free as promotions from a LOT of places like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc...  I myself got started that way.  I never had to invest a dime of my own money because I was able to collect and sell stuff before I even tried to create my first NFT.  So I had RAM to work with.  

I am sorry for not pointing this out before.

Now that that is out of the way.

Go to NFT Creator, View Collection, and Mint New Asset.


This will bring you to this page.


The top part of the form specifies who owns the NFT.  This will be pre-filled with your wallet address.  Next is how many you wish to mint.  I suggest 10.  But you can mint as few as 1 if you want.  Next, open up the dropdown for Template, and choose the template that you created before.  This will cause most of the fields below to be filled in automatically.

The last step is to click on Add an Image.  This will open the upload dialog and allow you to find your image for upload.  Once the upload is complete, you will see the new NFT in the preview area.  You will also see the img field fill in with a long hexadecimal string.  That is an encrypted hash that is the path to the binary information for your NFT as it resides on the server.  That string contains all the information that a "file name/path" a file system would show, but keeps it compacted in that string.  It doesn't need to be human readable, and so it's not.

Once you are done here, click Create Asset.


And with that, you will see a confirmation window showing what you are about to mint.


Press the Confirm button.

Once you are finished here, click on your wallet name in the top corner, and go to Inventory.


You will now see your list of NFTs that you have minted!!


There is only one step left in this whole process.  It's time to put your new NFT up for sale!

Choose one of the newly minted assets and click on List on Market.  This part is about as simple as it gets.  The form only give you one field to fill in.  The price.


You can choose WAX or your can choose USD/WAX.  WAX is the currency that is typically used in the WAX NFT market, so I like to just stick to that.  It is a value that stays fixed.  If you sell it for 10 WAX, you will get 10 WAX.  No conversions.  But some people are more concerned with the value in USD.  If you would like to sell your NFT for $1, you can set it to USD/WAX, and the value at sell time will always be $1 no matter what WAX is worth.  The conversion will be done at sell time.

Once you have your NFT up for sale, any time someone views that asset, they will see that it is up for sale.


Cicking into that sale page will show the final sale page.  Note that it will look different for YOU because you are the seller.  You will have the option to edit the price or cancel the sale.  All other users will simply be given the option to purchase.


And that is that.  Hopefully your have found this tutorial to be useful!  Now get to work creating stuff!!

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