Discord Server and Bot

There is a very good reason why there is a section of the subdomain dedicated to Discord. And that is, the only reason I ever got involved in Discord to start with was because of my activities with NFTs.

Here I will front load what is relevant for this page:

Official DPoisn Discord Server

The Big Red Button

Now...  The server is just what it sounds like.  It's a typical Discord server.  I made it because I really like what I see in other people's servers, and I wanted one of my own to play with.  It will never compete with the larger projects because I have no interest in running this thing as a full time job.  On a personal note, hats off to the creators of Discord for making a project like this feely available for nerds like me to make use of.

The Bot, is something new.  The Bot is really an experiment so that I can test how these things work and what they are capable of.  It's more correct to say, "What I can make them do."  Because they are capable of doing FAR more than I will ever be able to show.  My knowledge of Python is limited, and my time is even more limited.

Programming in Python brings me back to the old days of working on a command line, writing stuff in BASIC. It's all text output. So my current skill level with Python is perfect for this sort of thing. I have a bunch of ideas what commands to add to this thing. The only reason I haven't added more yet is because I had to spend some time building this page!

Update on the bot:  This is the brand new version of the bot.  It is running from a new server.  It's also had some upgrades made to it!

What does the bot do?
I'm glad you asked...  Here are the commands supported by the bot:
(Anything in brackets is an optional parameter)

$dp_quote = Returns the Quote of the day from the Quote of the Day API.
$dp_quote [2021-09-01] = Returns the quote for THAT day.
$dp_observance = Today's observance
$dp_observance [2021-09-06] = Observance for a specific day.
$dp_yearleft = Percentage of this year gone by.
$dp_cal = Displays calendar for the current month.
$dp_cal [9 2020] = Displays calendar for requested month and year.
$dp_weather [KTTN]= Returns the weather for the requested weather station.  The list of weather stations can be found here.
$dp_insult = Returns a randomly generated insult.  NSFW language.
$dp_compliment = Returns a randomly generated compliment.  Safe for work, in every conceivable way.
$dp_info_dice = Explains how the dice game works.  Because the bot has a dice game.

More will be added in time.  These are just the first ideas that I had.

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