NFT Collections Currently in Production

Thanks to the group at Dexkit that made this tool available, I have created my own marketplaces for selling NFTs.  And as a bonus, I'm able to run it from my own domains. : Specifically for the AI Generated Images collection : An entire site dedicated to the failed businesses of a certain former President

If you're wondering how this is different from any other marketplace like OpenSea, well, it's not.  Except that I own these.  There is no middleman.

AI Generated Images

apollo cube lizard robot robot

I figured I would try a different method than going through the Marketplaces. You can just mint one yourself! Or 5!

frogMedia logo
opensea logo
atomichub logo

Spinning Objects

logo1 saberbirds logo2 forsale
atomichub logo
atomichub logo
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Web Safe Colors

onecard onecard onecard

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Animated GIFs

Some tell a short story. Some try to make a point. Some are just funny.

This collection is not whitelisted and never will be. It was denied for "low quality". And I can't really deny or argue that. Because that is not what these things were made for. The only reason any of them are there at all was because I was testing to see if it was possible. Evidently it is. But no effort was made to make these into actual NFTs. They are just little animated GIFs. They are for sale though, because, why not?

theHulk saberfight loser

This 3 listed here, are a sample of my Animated GIFs collection.

But wait, there's more!
In 2020, during the pandemic, I did some additions to my Year Expired web app. I added new graphics for the summer time in the form of flying bugs. The other day it occurred to me that they should be released as NFTs. And they are a hit. People really like them!

Here is a sample of the Flying Bugs part of the collection.

bug bug bug


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