NFT Collections Currently in Production

Update for 2022-11-14

Brand new NFT Marketplace!

Thanks to the group at Dexkit that made this tool available, I have created my own marketplace for selling NFTs.  And as a bonus, I'm able to run it from one of my own domains.

If you're wondering how this is different from any other marketplace like OpenSea, well, it's not.  Except that I own this one.  There is no middleman.

The site allows you to browse and purchase from my collections, as well as a couple of others that I just happen to have a bunch of.  There is also a swap feature, so you can easily swap crypto without having to deal with high fees or exchanges.

If this thing does well enough I will expand to include more stuff.  For now, let's just see how it does.

Update for 2022-06-27

It's been well over a year since I first got started in the NFT space. It was about then that I discovered that it was possible for me to make my own collections, and create my own marketplaces, using existing infrastructure. And I've been up to my eyeballs with it ever since.

Like many of my projects, the text on this page had gotten to be pretty far out of date, so it was time for an update.

I currently have 3 NFT collections running on the AtomicHub Marketplace, 2 whitelisted, and 1 not. I also have 2 collections on OpenSea that are pretty much the same as the 2 whitelisted collections on AtomicHub. Not everyone uses WAX. Some people prefer the absurdly expensive ridiculousness of OpenSea. So, I created the collections there too.

In the beginning it was all pretty new. There was certainly some clumsiness in building these collections. But I think I've navigated this well enough now that these collections are just as solid as any other out there.

If you would like to know more, like how to do this sort of thing yourself...
We have written a full-blown tutorial to show exactly how to do it!

Spinning Objects

This collection of NFTs consists of 3D Spinning Objects. Just because they look cool.

Some of these are logos, some are old Photoshops placed on coins, others are just objects that look neat.

logo1 saberbirds logo2 rideTheDoggy forsale

Update - 2021-05-15: The collection is whitelisted! You can see the NFTs here

atomichub logo

Spinning Objects on AtomicHub.

atomichub logo

I've expanded my storefronts to include NeftyBlocks for some drops.

This site is great for promo drops. Generally less expensive because they are minted in higher quantities.

opensea logo

I've expanded my storefronts to include OpenSea for some drops.

This site is a completely different animal in terms of NFTs. It runs on the ETH blockchain. It does not use WAX like the others. It is also way more expensive.


Web Safe Colors

The 4 listed here, are a sample of my Web Safe Colors collection.

This is my first real attempt at creating a valid collection. As of today (2022-03-26) all of them are done and minted.

Only one of each of these will be created. Except for the promo cards which were created in sets of 10 and given out for free.

This collection has been minted on OpenSea also. I gave out a lot of them for free. That didn't really produce much in the way of interest like I had hoped. But it did spread them around. The versions on OpenSea are exactly the same as the originals, just minted on a different chain and way more expensive. Yes, I am once again pointing out that OpenSea is absurdly expensive.

onecard onecard onecard onecard

atomichub logo

Web Safe Colors on AtomicHub.

atomichub logo

I've expanded my storefronts to include NeftyBlocks for some drops. Mostly promos. These will generally be prices lower because they are minted in higher quantities.

opensea logo

I've expanded my storefronts to include OpenSea for some drops.

Giving away 1 free NFT to each of the first 50 that leave their wallet on my Discord.

Animated GIFs

Some tell a short story. Some try to make a point. Some are just funny.

This collection is not whitelisted and never will be. It was denied for "low quality". And I can't really deny or argue that. Because that is not what these things were made for. The only reason any of them are there at all was because I was testing to see if it was possible. Evidently it is. But no effort was made to make these into actual NFTs. They are just little animated GIFs. They are for sale though, because, why not?

theHulk saberfight loser

This 3 listed here, are a sample of my Animated GIFs collection.

But wait, there's more!
In 2020, during the pandemic, I did some additions to my Year Expired web app. I added new graphics for the summer time in the form of flying bugs. The other day it occurred to me that they should be released as NFTs. And they are a hit. People really like them!

Here is a sample of the Flying Bugs part of the collection.

bug bug bug


atomichub logo

Check here for the list of all items I have for sale on AtomicHub.

That page shows a little of everything. Some of them are mine. Some are ones that I acquired or purchased for resale.

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